Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download this data?

Yes. All data available on BRIDGE is exportable.

How can I contact the BRIDGE team?

How do I use the data?

Depending on your role, you can use the data for:

  • Corporate engagement efforts

  • Screening investment portfolios

  • Learning about issues of intersectionality in the economic system

  • Movement building and research

Is this ESG data? If not, how is it different?

BRIDGE benefits the impact investing field by strengthening environmental, social, and governance considerations (ESG) among public market investors. At present, there is a shared understanding in the impact investing field that ESG investing is strong on the “E” and “G” but weak on the “S.”  We agree and would add that even the current environmental and governance considerations within commonly used ESG data could be vastly improved with robust integration of social considerations. We believe those social considerations should come from communities most impacted by systemic social injustice. Current ESG metrics often fail to have their intended impact without this direction. We believe this directly results from relying on metrics often selected by investors rather than the communities closest to the impact issues. By creating a centralized platform where investors can find high-quality data and metrics they can trust to advance social justice truly, we ensure that well-intentioned investors can work in alignment with the goals and interests of impacted communities.

Where do you get the data?

We gather data through third-party organizations, independent of the corporations from which data is sought. These organizations gather and verify particular sets of data that community leaders have identified as relevant for social justice movements. These organizations tend to be non-profit social justice organizations, but also maybe for-profit entities with aligned social justice interests and capacity for gathering the data. These organizations need funding to conduct high-integrity research that investors can rely on. We encourage all users to donate and support these organizations, donation links are found on the TEAM page under each organization.

Will my portfolio information be public – saved, used or sold?

No! Other than the output you receive about social justice criteria, there are no mechanisms on this site to save or acknowledge your portfolio information.

How often do you update data?